How software developers can survive automation

Will software developers become obsolete?

The things we did with technology yesterday are very different from the things that we do today and will do in the future.

It is believed that in about the next ten years machines will understand what software developers are trying to fulfill or accomplish and will replicate the process. So if machines can write code, will software developers become obsolete?

Impact on some software developers

As a service provider of automation software I believe that this will have an impact on some software developers. However I do not think that software developers will be obsolete such as the automation of air planes has not made air pilots obsolete. You would not trust an airplane to fly you to your next destination without an air pilot likewise you will not want a machine operating 100% of your business.

Unlike machines

Software automation is more popular now because of the need to go virtual. Most important because unlike machines, software developers collaborate, are creative, critical thinkers, they have empathy and the vision that people depend on. When automation software is used as a tool it offers a balance benefit for businesses. So even if machines write code, it will help software developers to implement it to enhance and speed up service delivery. It can open up many other opportunities for software developers to take automation to the next level.