When to hire a consultant

Often times businesses will assign complex IT jobs to their staff, figuring they’re saving money on payroll by doing it themselves. In reality, they are spreading their staff too thin and the job isn’t being done the way it should be. Business owner know that time wasted is money lost. Take a look at the items below to determine if an IT consultant can save you money.

Money wasted:

  • Paying employees that are not trained in IT.
  • Depending on the size of your company you could be paying IT staff with medium skill lots of money. About $30,000 and above a year for just the hardware technician. About $60,000 and above for a person to manage and maintain all your software related needs. In addition often you pay your staff lots of hours to do research for DIY services – Do It Yourself are paid services, usually online subscriptions. So what if I told you that someone could to do many typical IT jobs for about half the cost you spend now?

Cost Savings with IT Consultants;

  • IT consultants are experts in their field.
  • IT consultant are hired for a specific job on a short term basis and if needed are there long term to support your needs.
  • IT consultants offer Managed Services that can cut your salary cost significantly.
  • IT consultants offer Automation Software that customizes and streamlines the operations for big savings.
  • Businesses need to always maintain a certain level of administrative staff. IT consultants can take the weight off these employees by providing the services through automation software to help increase the profits of the company. In the past business owners did not like virtual services because they preferred face to fact interaction with all their employees. In todays difficult times many are learning the safety and tremendous cost benefits for going virtual.