Speak to your customers like you’d speak to your friends

I have written and spoken with friends about my passion or what my brand is about. I have come to realize that only the people in my circle understood what I was talking about. During a one on one marketing coaching session I was asked to explain my brand. Later my coach told me that he had no clue what my brand was about. He said that I went into too much jargon and overly complicated details. He asked me to explain my brand as if I was explaining it to a five year old. I heard this before and I always dismissed it as different talk for different folks.

I spent most of my career in technology speaking jargon so it was normal talk for me. This time it was different. Working so much from home has allowed me to focus and pay more attention to my brand. I learned to speak to my customers like I would speak to my friends and to make my brand more human.

When I now explain my brand to customers I say; “We provide automation software to make service delivery faster and create catchy designs to make your brand more appealing”.

When I explain it to a five year I now say; “We help you finish your work faster so you have more time to play and we create beautiful things that make you look good.
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