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Ideal Website for a Startup Business

Dashboard Portals

We build performance dashboards for government, contractors, celebrities and organizations. Unlike many other dashboards that are complicated and require technical skills to use. Our dashboards are built to allow you to quickly and easily...

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Ideal Website for a Startup Business

Celebrity Entertainment

Creative web design and development. We go beyond templates. Our web design is 100% customized for your brand and entertainment audience.

Web Based Solutions

Perconix has an extensive library of web based apps that are flexible and can be customize to meet the needs of many industries.


Web Design & Development

We offer a wide range of custom website design and development solutions from the Perconix extensive library. We identify your immediate and long terms needs.


Automation Software

We help streamlining business operations with automation software. We realize that having automation software leads to faster processing of tasks and reduced turnaround time of work. We help solve problems with automation software that are long lasting.

Field Service Dispatching

Automate the process from intake to billing. Autofill multiple common data entries at once. Produce more accurate results and faster job completion.

Software Subscription

Online software subscriptions intended to be implemented quickly with no customization. SAAS customers pay for annual subscription plan to use the software online.

Creative Designs

Create eye catching designs to attract your audience to your brand. We design the right appeal for websites, products, presentations, animations, and including the entertainment industry.


Customer Service

Our commitment is to provide not only great service but exceptional customer experience. We are passionate and take pride in getting things done to make you a long term satisfied customer. We offer support and maintenance services with a guarantee. Complimentary support warranty service is included in our maintenance agreement. If a product or application breaks we replace it at our expense.

We do not look for problems but we love fixing them. Let us know what problems you would like us to fix. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


We understand the complexities of operating a business as well as the key role technology plays in automating and streamlining front and backend processes. We consult and will analyze your digital business needs and recommend the technology that best fits your operation. 

Gov Apps

Gov “IT” Apps- Out of the box customize automated mobile and desktop products with back-end portal to get you up and running quickly!  City Clean Faster, ZeroWaste, Inspection, Energy Mobile App, and more.  Our team can customize any of our software to meet your needs.

Digital Coaching

We provide one on one coaching time with you via Zoom or phone to help you learn how to use digital products. Ask us about our Digital Transformation for entrepreneurs, communities and small businesses. Minimum 30 minutes of scheduled coaching sessions.

Great Applications, Efficiently Automated and Attractive!

Online tools, software applications in English and Spanish. Lean processes with a focus on creating value for your business.

We Help Manage Your Digital Needs So You Can Focus On Your Business

Low-code development platform to create your entire application and easily integrate with existing systems. Add when you need it. Building and managing fast, scalable and intelligent applications for business, community and government.

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Benefits of a Perconix Solution

Our extensive technology experience position us well to provide resources that help build collaboration and interaction with government, business and community.

Knowledge generating marketing materials to brand your business. We plan around your requirements needs. We have the experience to make your needs or ideas a reality.

Helping you get off the ground with technology for new or to enhance existing business.


Baltimore, Maryland


M-F: 9am – 5pm
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